Anaesthetic Fees


A fee will be charged for your anaesthetic service. The fee for your anaesthesia is separate from the fees charged by any other doctors caring for you. It is also separate from the fees charged by the institution (hospital, day surgery facility, endoscopy centre etc) where the service takes place.

Many accounts will have a co-payment requirement. A co-payment is an additional fee to the anaesthetist that is a non-refundable ‘out of pocket’ expense. It may also be known as the ‘gap payment’ – similar to ‘excess’ for any other insurance (car, house etc) that you are required to pay if making an insurance claim.

This gap varies depending on the complexity of the Anaesthesia and operation, the duration of Anaesthesia and operation, your previous medical conditions, and your post-Anaesthesia/post-operative care. 

When Medicare was first introduced, the Medicare Benefit and the AMA Fee were on a par with each other. However, over time the Government Medicare Benefit has remained relatively static and not kept pace with increases in CPI, Inflation, and Average Weekly Earnings. 

If you have any concerns you should discuss your "out of pocket" expenses or "gap" with your Anaesthetist prior to your procedure.



The anaesthetists at Advance Anaesthesia charge a range of fees and it is therefore important that you contact the Reception staff to gain an estimate of fees for your forthcoming anaesthetic

Should you want to know the ‘out of pocket’ estimated expense that you are expected to pay, please phone the office on 02 8760 3328 or use our ‘Contact Us’ page on this website to email our secretaries.

To obtain an estimate you will be required to have the following details:

. Health Insurance details

. Procedure

. Duration of Surgery (as per surgeons information)

. Surgeon

. Hospital

. Date of Birth

. Date of Surgery


Your account can be paid by cheque, cash, credit card (VISA or Mastercard) or money order and then rebates claimed from Medicare and your private fund (if applicable). Credit Card payments can be made over the phone. Alternatively you can claim from Medicare and your private fund first. (Note: if claiming from Medicare first - do so promptly, as it may take a few weeks to be processed.)

You will need to pay your account in full prior to surgery if you are:


Cosmetic Surgery (most cosmetic surgery is non-refundable, however if there are item numbers relating to your surgery there may be a claimable component). Please ask your surgeon or anaesthetist if item numbers apply to your surgery.

Overseas patients that do not have a Medicare card, you will be expected to pay the full fee and then may claim through your own private insurers.

Please be considerate and prompt with payment of these anaesthetic service fees. Prolonged delays in payment may involve debt collection and may affect your credit rating for in the future.